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Established in 1982, La Grolla is a family owned company providing high quality framed art to the retail, commercial and home furnishings industries throughout Australia. As a market leader in the framing industry, La Grolla have fast gained a reputation for our excellent quality, attention to detail and personalised service.

We have extensive experience in providing art solutions across a range of art and framing requirements; from high-end ranges for major furniture retailers to boutique collections for gift stores, providing cost-effective artwork for aged care accommodation to complete fine art collections for major hotels, and wall decor solutions for countless display homes around Australia to one-off superior quality framing for original art pieces.

Our ethical trading policy ensures our high standards are met, and we endeavour to evaluate our international suppliers for their environmental and social credentials as much as possible. We recycle as much of our waste materials as we can, and donate unused art boards and prints to recycled art suppliers and local schools.

 At La Grolla, we pride ourselves on maintaining long term partnerships with our clients, and we look forward to meeting and working with you soon.


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For general enquiries please email sales@lagrolla.com.au

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